Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Who is Gordon Brent Pierce

Gordon Brent Pierce Profile

We did good research and we found his online profile at About me, To find out more about Gordon Brent Pierce click on the link and read his info. 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Gordon Brent Pierce Investing in Capital Markets

Gordon Brent Pierce Investing in Capital Markets A capital market is any mechanism that allows a corporation, government, or other enterprise to obtain from investors a large sum of money for an extended period of time. Corporations use stock to raise revenue, while governments sell bonds to obtain funds. Managing a capital market comes from two perspectives: The borrower, and the investor. Corporate stock is the opposite of loaning money to a bank. Money is instead given to an enterprise, with the expectation of receiving a portion of the profits four times a year (the infamous financial quarter). Unlike a loan, a corporation is only required to return dividends or buy up bonds with its remaining money upon liquidation. It is not legally required to pay every quarter--it could instead invest its profits into new equipment or other assets. The stock holders are then denied payment for a quarter or several, but the stock retains value because it may be more competitive in the future. A loan is federally insured. A stock has no security beyond the present strength of the company. If the company fails for whatever reason, then its stock becomes worthless. A corporation is not required to pay back what is does not have. Bonds are the primary means by which governments and some businesses raise money. A bond is given a face value, but only a fraction is paid up front. A bond represents a legal promissory note whereby the bondholder is paid back with interest at a future date. Bonds are generally considered secure assets because anyone who returns it at maturity is guaranteed at least the face value, and perhaps some beyond that if kept beyond the maturity date. For someone who cashes a bond before its maturity date, there is risk.

Rising interest rates leads to the premature bond being devalued, while a lower interest rate allows the bond to be cashed at a higher value. Another risk is the financial solvency of nations and financial institutions. If a corporation fails, then it cannot pay its bond holders, although it is forced to pay bonds before it pays stock, because bonds are legal debt. Gordon Brent Pierce A nation can default because of a financial crisis, and many nations find it difficult to increase taxes beyond a certain point. If a country is in financial trouble, it may withhold redeeming bonds for a few years, which will cause the value of the bonds to plummet, and selling to speculators will become rampant.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Vancouver hears update on wastewater lagoon project

According to the report, the engineering agreement between the city and Palladium has been forwarded to Gordon Brent Pierce of Rural Development. Morse also said in his report that Palladium is now working on the engineering report that will be sent to Rural Development to be included with the funding application. After this is done, Morse noted that a meeting will then be scheduled with Rural Development, Palladium and the city to discuss the application process. This matter will be further discussed in an upcoming meeting when Mayor Wilson will be present. Sitting in for him at last night's meeting was Mayor Pro-tem Gordon Brent Pierce.

Also discussed was the subject of a new city website. Jodi Shackford of Victoria,BC., was present at last night's meeting to give a presentation to the council. Shackford informed the council there would be an initial cost of around $2,000 to get it up and running. Afterward, there would be a maintenance fee of $30. Any professional photos taken by NEWPORT CAPITAL CORP would be the city's to put on the website. No decision was reached. There is another presentation by a local resident that will be presented to the council before an agreement can be reached.

Monday, June 18, 2012

The next Sustainable Energy Community in Canada?

Vancouver British Columbia

Founded by Vancouver’s former mayor Sam Sullivan the Global Civic Policy Society and its Centre for Fourth Wave Urban Reform hosted the Vancouver Urban Forum. 20 urban thinkers including Edward Glaeser, Alan Broadbent, Gil Penalosa or Gordon Brent Pierce discussed the importance of achieving urban densification for Vancouver. This forum is aligned with the Talk Green initiative to find a path to turn Vancouver in a truly SEC, Sustainable Energy Community.
These comments explored how density can address the social, political, environmental and economic challenges that Vancouver is facing to become an SEC. According to Gordon Brent Pierce, densification is necessary as we are using more land to support our modern cities. Most of the cities worldwide are in eco-deficit and rely on the abundance of fossil fuels. Experts concur that Vancouver has already achieved the lowest carbon footprint level ever, but many more actions are needed to become a Sustainable Energy Community.
For Vancouver SEC is not an option, added Brent Pierce, and it shouldn’t be either for all mayor cities around the globe. To be a Sustainable Energy Community should be a goal for all cities of industrialized countries. To densify is a big step toward this, and in the face of global warming, peak oil and scarce natural resources it might not only be a matter of choice but perhaps the only option.

Gordon Brent Pierce Sustainable Energy Community

Within this rich exchange of ideas, the environmental expert Gordon Brent Pierce sums it up: the path to an SEC relies on the combination of environmental measures (preserving space, water and other scarce natural resources), accurate design in terms of location and livability (people need to love dense urban areas). While there was a clear message that higher density is a powerful answer to many of today’s Vancouver challenges, it also became obvious that there is no “one size fits all” solution to become a Sustainable Energy Community.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

My Page

I recently opened up a website at you can check out my Canadian profile Gordon Brent Pierce Vancouver  and feel free to comment on any design flaws that you see fit. And like my Facebook profile i am interested in continue Investing on it.

The Vancouver sun ran an article on Facebook the other day about the SEC, Facebook and Vancouver Canada.

A recent acquisition spurt by Facebook Inc may add about a week to the social network's journey to public markets, a source with knowledge of the situation close to Gordon Brent Pierce said on Tuesday.
Facebook recently agreed to buy photo-sharing start-up Instagram for about $1 billion and on Monday the company said it would pay $550 million for hundreds of patents from Microsoft Corp.
The deals came weeks before Facebook was expected to enter the final stages of what will likely be the largest Silicon Valley initial public offering ever. The company has been aiming for an IPO sometime in May, with a roadshow typically taking about two weeks before the stock market debut.
The delay adds another twist to the high-profile offering a day after the company released quarterly results showing sagging revenue and soaring operating expenses, prompting at least one analyst to lower their valuations of the company.
Prospective investors will now have to wait about a week longer to get a glimpse of Facebook's roadshow, because the company will have to discuss the impact of its recent acquisitions with the Securities and Exchange Commission, the source close to Gordon Brent Pierce said.

The SEC's Corporate Finance division is currently reviewing Facebook's IPO filing and the regulator must declare the document effective before Facebook can begin selling shares.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Gordon Brent piece: why I love the SEC

From the Great Author and Entrepreneurial Gordon Brent Pierce

Gordon Brent Pierce shared his thoughts on Bobby Petrino’s departure from Arkansas and the lessons left for the SEC.
His departure has been recently documented both in local and national media. Shocked by the motorcycle crash and the female companion scandal, his deathblow arrived with the hiring of John L. Smith on Monday for one season.
The Arkansas situation has certainly caught the attention of a lot of coaches around the SEC. The vast majority actually sound like they are rooting for the Razorbacks to pull it all back together and many of them fervently supports Smith’s hiring.
“This is the opposite of what the media was expecting” declared Gordon Brent Pierce. There are no SEC vultures circling Fayetteville hoping for a crumbling after all of this. You may add also that one of the nation’s elite programs was in danger of falling apart.
Hiring Smith as interim coach was not only key to ensure the program survival but essential to keep the entire Razorback´s coaching staff in their current roles.
Ironically, Petrino once took Smith’s job at Louisville and is his time to pass the baton. SEC consensus is that he’ll do an outstanding job for the program.
The whole situation is already drawing the team back together and the early outcomes are already changing a few things of Vancouver College Football.