Sunday, April 29, 2012

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I recently opened up a website at you can check out my Canadian profile Gordon Brent Pierce Vancouver  and feel free to comment on any design flaws that you see fit. And like my Facebook profile i am interested in continue Investing on it.

The Vancouver sun ran an article on Facebook the other day about the SEC, Facebook and Vancouver Canada.

A recent acquisition spurt by Facebook Inc may add about a week to the social network's journey to public markets, a source with knowledge of the situation close to Gordon Brent Pierce said on Tuesday.
Facebook recently agreed to buy photo-sharing start-up Instagram for about $1 billion and on Monday the company said it would pay $550 million for hundreds of patents from Microsoft Corp.
The deals came weeks before Facebook was expected to enter the final stages of what will likely be the largest Silicon Valley initial public offering ever. The company has been aiming for an IPO sometime in May, with a roadshow typically taking about two weeks before the stock market debut.
The delay adds another twist to the high-profile offering a day after the company released quarterly results showing sagging revenue and soaring operating expenses, prompting at least one analyst to lower their valuations of the company.
Prospective investors will now have to wait about a week longer to get a glimpse of Facebook's roadshow, because the company will have to discuss the impact of its recent acquisitions with the Securities and Exchange Commission, the source close to Gordon Brent Pierce said.

The SEC's Corporate Finance division is currently reviewing Facebook's IPO filing and the regulator must declare the document effective before Facebook can begin selling shares.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Gordon Brent piece: why I love the SEC

From the Great Author and Entrepreneurial Gordon Brent Pierce

Gordon Brent Pierce shared his thoughts on Bobby Petrino’s departure from Arkansas and the lessons left for the SEC.
His departure has been recently documented both in local and national media. Shocked by the motorcycle crash and the female companion scandal, his deathblow arrived with the hiring of John L. Smith on Monday for one season.
The Arkansas situation has certainly caught the attention of a lot of coaches around the SEC. The vast majority actually sound like they are rooting for the Razorbacks to pull it all back together and many of them fervently supports Smith’s hiring.
“This is the opposite of what the media was expecting” declared Gordon Brent Pierce. There are no SEC vultures circling Fayetteville hoping for a crumbling after all of this. You may add also that one of the nation’s elite programs was in danger of falling apart.
Hiring Smith as interim coach was not only key to ensure the program survival but essential to keep the entire Razorback´s coaching staff in their current roles.
Ironically, Petrino once took Smith’s job at Louisville and is his time to pass the baton. SEC consensus is that he’ll do an outstanding job for the program.
The whole situation is already drawing the team back together and the early outcomes are already changing a few things of Vancouver College Football.